The Riviera of the Epirus Region

Parga is a renown maritime town of Epirus as well as a famous holiday destination. It is amphitheatrically built nestled in a picturesque bay, where the wooded small island of Panagia lays under the shadow of the towns’ Venetian castle. Take a stroll up to the old town where you’ll enjoy some distinguished architecture, wander around its cobbled stone streets with beautiful arches, discover flower-filled neighborhoods where picturesque little houses and colorful mansions and end up by drinking in the mesmerising sunset view of the emerald waters of the Ionian Sea from the Venetian walls.

By nightfall take a romantic walk by the waterfront lined by tourist shops, beautiful stylish restaurants and little bars to drink or eat with a view to the lit up castle and Panagia islet.

Stroll around the old town where you’ll enjoy wandering around its cobbled stone streets, discover flower-filled neighborhoods colorful mansions that lead to a mesmerising sunset view of the emerald waters of the Ionian Sea from the Venetian walls.

Resembling a painting

The area’s lacy shores are excellent for your refreshing dives and sea water sports, not to mention that beaches offer various services and facilities to make your stay even more pleasant. Krioneri Beach (from where you can swim over to the small island of Panagia) and Piso-Krioneri Beach located within the town’s settlement, the cosmopolitan golden beach of Valtos, the wooded Lychnos Beach with the sea caves, the little bay of Agios Giannakis and finally Sarakiniko Beach with its fine sand and an olive orchard in the background. Starting from Parga pay a visit to the Acheron River Springs, the Αrcheological site of Nekromanteio (Oracle of the Dead), the historic area of Souli as well as to the islands of Paxi, Antipaxi and Corfu which are reachable with the small boats departing from the town’s port.