-PaxosAntipaxosPaxos-Antipaxos caves

A unique change to know in one day two islands of the ionian sea in the northern part of Corfu.The island of Paxos with its famous blue caves and the island of Antipaxos with its sandy beaches and the crystal water.

Sailing along the coastal region of the island of Corfu and approaching the canal between Corfu and the island of Paxos this verdant island is appearing in front of your eyes.After a while the spectacle of the imposing caves of Paxos sculptured naturally by the waves and the wind will take your breath away.

Meanwhile you will be impressed by the continuous alternation of the water colour from light blue to deep emerald.

Next destination the small island of Antipaxos.As the island is not provided with a port,the ship is approaching the coast,as close as possible so you have the change to enjoy the view of dreamlike beaches.For those who can't resist to the temptation there's time for a swim in the crystal water.

Leaving this unique and extremely beautiful island of Antipaxos and crossing the natural canal wich looks like a small fiord the ship enters the port of Gaios the capital of Paxos.There's time for strolling through the narrow streets or dining in a local traditional restaurant.Alternatively you can enjoy your coffe in beautiful cafes looking out over the islet of Ag.Nikolaos and the coast of the mainland of Greece.And all that as the water of the canal continues it's everending course.