On a daily cruise-excursion to Albania,you're offered the chance to visit ''the land of Eagles'' which is yet virgin and unexplored.

Metting point the New Port of Corfu at the passenger station for the necessary passport control.The ship,leaving behind the island of Corfu and following the albanian coastline enters, in a short time the port of Ag.Saranta.

On arrival there will be an obligatory control of your passport.After that,the most adventurous and active of you will have the opportunity to participate in an optional excursion by coach that is organised by our company.At the archaeological site of Vouthrotos you will be accompanied by a local tour guide and you're going to find out many elements of the town's history while you will be admiring its ancientmonuments and you will be enjoying the panoramic view from a castle that is situated at the top of a hill.When the guided tour ends,the gorgeous region of Karahats awaits for you.There,you're going to taste delicious dishes from a rich buffet of a traditional restaurant located in the middle of an oasis of pines.

Return to the town of Ag.Saranta where there is time for wandering through it before the departure of the ship for Corfu.